Jarrod Glandt: Dominate Car Sales With Proper Sales Training

By: Michael Cirillo   |   16 Apr 2014
Jarrod Glandt - Grant Cardone Sales Training

Whether you’re just starting in the automotive industry, or consider yourself a veteran, a best practice in being successful is to always be learning and then apply the things that you learn. That’s why when it came to the topic of automotive training, we couldn’t think of anyone better to teach us than Jarrod Glandt. Jarrod is currently the Vice President of Sales at Cardone Training.

“In order for training to work properly inside of the dealership, there need to be two things. Consistency and volume.”

Jarrod has a pretty fascinating story about starting out in the car business. After much struggling and sacrifice, he decided that there was more to having a career than what he was experiencing at the time. By taking a risk, Jarrod took a job with Grant Cardone, barely making ends meet. During his early days with Grant Cardone, Jarrod learned how crucial a role effective training plays in achieving success, and look at him now! He’s made it to the top and he’s confident you can too.

The specific topics that we cover in this episode address how to implement consistent training so that automotive sales professionals can be more and do more. These topics all require work, and that’s likely why many people give up on them and never reach their potential in the car business.

We want you to achieve more!

More Specifically, You’ll Hear About:

👉 How to properly do training inside the dealership
👉 How to hold your team accountable
👉 Why turnover can be a good thing
👉 Why most people won’t achieve their definition of success inside the car business
👉 How to achieve your goals and dreams
👉 How to increase your willingness to do whatever it takes