Tim Paige: How to Increase Website Conversions

By: Michael Cirillo   |   12 Feb 2015
Tim Paige

Tim Paige is proud to be the Conversion Educator at LeadPages. An experienced marketer in all forms of media, 

Tim spends his days speaking to the most successful marketers across multiple industries and sharing his findings with business owners who want to increase their marketing results. 

You may recognize Tim’s voice from the dozens of webinars he has hosted at LeadPages or from their official podcast, ConversionCast. In his short time at LeadPages, 

Here is a quick preview of our conversation with Tim Paige.


Traffic is not hard to get.

When you talk with a lot of dealers they are focused on “getting more traffic” to their website when in fact the primary focus should be converting more of the traffic you have now.

It is not hard to get more traffic. You can buy it and use many channels to boost your site's unique visitors, but if they are not opting in/converting to a lead, what's the point? 

Tim reviews several proven strategies you can start doing on your site that will automatically increase your site's conversion rates. 


A coupon is the worst way to generate a lead.

A coupon is a coupon. Everyone has them and in the end, they provide really no value and don’t solve any of your target customers' problems. 

What's in it for me? That is all that is on your customer's mind. What your store can do that solves their problem. 

Tim dives into how you can use that to your advantage to generate more leads from your website. 


Create a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is what you are going to offer your site visitors instead of a coupon. Your lead magnet is a resource that will help your target market solve a problem they are having. 

Tim breaks down what a “Lead Magnet” is and gives several examples you can use right away.