James Wedmore: Getting Started With Video Marketing

By: Michael Cirillo   |   19 Feb 2015
James Wedmore

James Wedmore is armed with a degree from one of the TOP 10 Film Schools in the Country, James set out to utilize the power of Video and Visual Storytelling to revolutionize how we interact on the Internet.

After several successful ventures, including an Online Bartending School, James founded Video Traffic Academy: an online YouTube Marketing Training Program that has enrolled over 10,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country.

He has been featured on numerous sites such as Entrepreneur.com, Rise to the Top, Mixergy, and many more.  He has been the Guest Instructor on 3 CreativeLIVE Workshops, and today, he hosts James Wedmore TV, his YouTube Channel that’s been viewed over 1 Million times.

His mission is simple:  show business owners how to create and execute effective video marketing campaigns without spending a lot of time or money.

In this session, James Wedmore not only delivers a video strategy you can kick into gear in an afternoon he also breaks down his 5 step process to video creation. Check it out.


James Wedmore’s 5 Step Video Creation Process 

 1. Your Intentions 

It is one thing to create a killer video but it's another to know exactly what you're looking to get out of the video.

James breaks down exactly how to narrow in on your video's intentions and how to get the most out of it.


2. Keyword Research 

It is not about making a video you think your audience is looking for, but in fact, it is all about making videos that your audience is already looking for.

Keyword research is how you will identify the keywords you want to rank for so you will know what kind of videos to create.


3. Execution Of Video

This is where a lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to video but it is really not that hard!

You can create premium video content with nothing but a smartphone and a microphone. Don’t sweat the small stuff and jump in and take action to make your auto dealership compelling video content.


4. Upload & Optimize 

This step right here is more crucial than the actual ‘Execution” of the video.

If you have a beautiful professionally produced video and no one in your target market sees this video… What in the world does that do for your dealership?

It is important you have the video on YouTube the right way. That means you need to hone in on your video's tags, description, and title so YouTube and Google will see the video is relevant.

James breaks down how to get a video ranked… QUICK!