Gideon Shalwick: How to Maximize YouTube to Grow Your Dealership

By: Michael Cirillo   |   17 Apr 2015
Gideon Shalwick

Today we are joined by video/digital marketing Jedi Mr. Gideon Shalwick founder of as well as and he is bringing the thunder!

Now, team, DPB has been following and engaged with Gideon for some time and you also might have been but for those that have not… Here is some more about who Gideon is and why you should tune into what he has to say:

Gideon Shalwick is a self-confessed YouTube junkie and loves anything to do with video marketing and building a global audience using video. He is co-founder of, the world’s first-ever YouTube video ads management platform, to completely automate and optimize the whole YouTube Video Ad creation process and allow everyday businesses to start leveraging incredibly affordable, but extremely targeted traffic on YouTube. He also freely shares his knowledge about video marketing.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn more about in this session.  


What makes people BUY?

Gideon has an amazing track record of building businesses and selling products online and has an amazing knowledge base of today's online consumers. In this session, he dives deep into what makes online shoppers tick and how to get them to become your customers.


Gideon Shalwick’s top YouTube marketing tips

Gideon is one of the top experts in the world when it comes to YouTube marketing and he breaks down his top tips that you can implement right now to kick your YouTube game up a notch.


YouTube Video Ads

YouTube video ads are a super affordable way to get in front of a highly targeted audience. Gideon has had amazing success with YouTube Ads and in this session, he reviews his best practices as well as how to make the process easier and faster. This you can not miss!

That is just a preview of the amazing YouTube information Gideon shares in this session that will automatically separate you from the pack.

To get more from Gideon 

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Check out VeeRoll to streamline your Video Ads here.

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