Jennifer Worsley: How This Audi Specialist Uses Instagram To Grow

By: Michael Cirillo   |   03 Sep 2020
Jennifer Worsley

There is a fixed belief in the retail car business that one must be active on all social platforms. In this episode, Audi Brand Specialist, Jennifer Worsley reveals why she chooses only to use Instagram, and how you can leverage the platform to grow your brand in car sales. 

Among some of her best advice, selecting the platform that most interests you is far more critical than aimlessly trying to be present on them all. Also, finding your audience and making it about them is vital for growth. 

Listen as Jennifer breaks down her best advice. Discover how simple and fun Instagram can be for growing your presence in the market. More importantly, be open to the ideas that come to your mind as you listen so that you can implement a strategy that works best for you. 

From there, just go for it! Have fun and dominate! 

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