Dave Farrow: Hack Your Brain For Ultimate Performance

By: Michael Cirillo   |   14 Jan 2022
Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow is a two-time Canadian Guinness World Record holder for most decks of playing cards memorized in a single sighting. His trademarked "Farrow Method" is helping business teams perform at turbo-charged levels and was even the subject of a double-blind study at McGill University.

The retail auto industry tends to get caught up in the hype of breaking news and what's happening today. From big data to Web 3.0, the true winners are those who improve themselves so that they are better equipped to leverage what's happening in the world. From providing better customer experiences to building sales relationships that increase lifetime value, that's the true crux of what we discuss with Dave in this episode.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Dave did not have a good memory when he first started. He trained himself to have a good memory, it's a skill that can be learned.

  • You can have a superhuman memory, you just have to learn how YOUR brain works.

  • There is a whole realm of mental training that skips academia altogether.

  • Your brain believes what it thinks will actually happen — this is what athletes and performers like to visualize before they perform.

  • Think of the impact on your car sales career by visualizing and training your mind to see the best outcomes day in and day out.

  • You have the most powerful computer sitting between your ears. The brain is the most complex thing we know of. The challenge is that it has an awful battery.

  • How is the hustle affecting performance? Sometimes we fall in love with the idea of "hustle" but quickly forget that resting is as crucial to achieving something as is the hustle.

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