First-Party Data, The New Natural Resource For Automotive Retailers

By: DPB Team   |   06 Apr 2022
first-party data

Every NADA event comes with its buzz topics. Years ago it was SEO, then big data. Fast forward to this year’s NADA event and first-party data is the craze and for good reason. 

Having the ability to collect and leverage your own data is vital to deploying more strategic marketing in 2022 and beyond. There has been a long-standing feud between dealers and suppliers for holding data hostage. Collecting first-party data through your own dealer website provides automotive retailers with the ability to see, right down to the household level, who purchased what. 

This underscores the importance of not being solely dependent on third parties for data because at any moment those platforms can shut down or lock you out. We’ve seen that time and again with Facebook and the likes. 

Having the ability to collect your own data will give you the leg up in the next phase of the digital gold rush. 

The team at has, by far, the best platform to help dealers collect and leverage first-party data, and even though we’re not sponsored, we recommend dealers go and check out their stuff.