Erin Lomax: Gen Z Presents Power Opportunity For Car Dealers

By: Michael Cirillo   |   18 Apr 2022
Erin Lomax

"Gen Z is not as loyal to specific brands as other generations were." 

Erin Lomax, Vice President, Operations Leader, Consumer Marketplace, and Autotrader shares how important it is to focus on customer experience before, during, and after the car sale. In particular, there was an emphasis on the fact that Gen Z car buyers are in the market and not as loyal to brands as other generations have been. 

As such, this provides a massive opportunity for dealers to capture and build relationships with car buyers in the Gen Z segment with an aim to encourage loyalty, not to the brands they sell, but to the dealership itself.

A simple way to win echoes what Chip Perry discussed during his keynote. Focus on removing friction from the customer experience that car shoppers are familiar with.