Evan Walters: How to make $3000 per copy In Automotive Finance

By: Michael Cirillo   |   13 Jun 2024
Evan Walters

Evan Walters is a powerhouse in the automotive finance industry. With a career that started at the age of 17, detailing cars, Evan quickly rose through the ranks, mastering sales, management, and finance. He has now contracted over 8,000 deals in less than five years, averaging $3,000 per car. As the Finance Director at 800% Elite Automotive Club, Evan brings unparalleled expertise and insight into what it takes to achieve extraordinary success in the automotive finance world.

What We Discuss In This Episode

Evan’s shares his journey in the automotive industry, starting from a humble beginning at 17 years old, detailing cars, and rising to become a top finance director. We delve into his incredible path to success, exploring how he managed to sell 25-30 cars a month early in his career and transitioned into finance, where he truly made his mark.

One of the main themes of our discussion is the power of volume in the automotive finance industry. Evan shares how his dealership’s approach to high volume allowed him to learn and adapt at an accelerated pace. Handling 150-200 deals a month per finance manager, compared to the industry standard of 60-70, provided Evan with a unique perspective and a wealth of experience.

This episode is a goldmine for anyone in the automotive finance industry looking to elevate their game. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned professional, Evan's His insights are not only valuable but also actionable, providing a roadmap for anyone looking to elevate their performance in automotive finance. This conversation is a must-listen for those aiming to break boundaries and achieve remarkable success in their careers.

Thanks, Evan Walters!

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