Robert Wiesman: How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Car Sales Professional

By: Michael Cirillo   |   24 Jul 2014
Robert Wiesman

The automotive sales industry is such a lucrative opportunity for anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes and has the entrepreneur's state of mind. That goes for the GMs, ISMs, Sales Mangers, F&I Managers, Showroom Sales Pro's, and even the Dealer him/herself.

That being said in today's session "The Dealer Playbook" episode 18 we turn the table and Michael Cirillo sits down with co-host Robert Wiesman to talk about thinking and operating like an entrepreneur as well as building a powerhouse brand.


"I just didn't want to be looked at as just another car guy, you know"



Robert goes over some super valuable nuggets and strategies that the majority of automotive sales professionals are completely missing the boat on in such a lucrative industry with high ticket price tag items.

Quick Preview Of Some Of This Sessions "Power Bombs"

  • How to not be another "Car Guy/Gal"
  • How whether you are actively building a brand or not you are building a brand
  • Quick start-up steps for building a personal brand the right way
  • The power of video and why you need to make them, if you are already, why you need to make more and make them better. (even if you are scared of the camera)
  • How to know what videos you should be making

All that is just a taste of the information you will get in this session of "The Dealer Playbook".

The great news for you is that stepping your game up to the levels discussed and properly building a professional and quality brand (most that are doing it are not doing it right, sorry) in your market, is easier than you think.

That's because no one is doing it or they are doing it wrong. If you are a sales professional chances are your dealership and surrounding dealerships are doing a poor job.

All that means is it will be easier for YOU to get your shine on, stand out in the market and be the credible authority expert when it comes to investing in a new vehicle in your market.