Elise Kephart: Go The Extra Mile in Car Sales

By: Michael Cirillo   |   04 Sep 2014
Elise Kephart

Elise Kephart, founder of The Elise Kephart Experience, a leading training company in the automotive industry.

Elise or maybe you know her as "The YouTube Diva" is well known for her personal videos she would use to follow up with prospects online.


"Find the right recipe, and then streamline it."



Elise is more than just an expert when it comes to showing salespeople how to maximize the phone, she also has easy to execute tips that anyone can start to do now, that will sell more cars.

What you can expect to hear from Elise

  • Dealership Internet Department Infrastructure
  • Using multiple channels to follow up with prospects
  • Handling inbound & outbound phone calls
  • Creatively staying top of mind with prospects


Elise brings lots of experience to the table and as always she delivers valuable information for anyone in the car business.

Even in today's age where all the buzz in the auto industry is digitally focused, the phone is still a big moneymaker.

How are you on the phone?

What is working best for you when it comes to phone follow-up?

Does your dealership have a different structure than most for their internet department?

Ask your questions for Elise in the comments section below or any other comments you might have.

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