Mathew Koenig: The 3 M's of Automotive Marketing

By: Michael Cirillo   |   25 Sep 2014
Mat Koenig

In this session, Robert Wiesman and Michael Cirillo sit down and chat with Matt Koenig founder of Konig Co a leading mobile marketing agency that connects auto dealers with more buyers.


"The only way to make a ridiculous amount of money is to serve people well."



The topic of today's session is what Matt calls "the 3 M's of Automotive Marketing".

What are the "3 M's"?

  1. Millennials
  2. Mobile
  3. Minorities

If today's auto dealer can get a good grasp on those 3 M's, they will sell more cars.

The largest increase in new car sales last year came from Latino buyers.

The crazy thing about that is even dealers who 80% of their showroom traffic are of Hispanic descent, have zero marketing dollars allocated targeting that customer segment.

That is just one of the "3 M's!"

Here is what you will learn more about

- How to market to and sell more cars to minorities

- What is the secret to selling to millennials

- The importance of "mobile" strategy