Michael Cirillo: How to Attract High-Quality Customers with Content Marketing

By: Michael Cirillo   |   16 Oct 2014
Michael Cirillo

Every single day, millions of automotive shoppers are going online to research vehicles, products, and services. Sadly, most of the time your website isn't anywhere to be found. That's because most dealer websites around the globe are lacking sufficient and relevant content that has the power to create loyal followers, set you up as a credible source of information and increase your dealership's profitability.


"It's about being something of value to somebody, not worthless to everybody."



Content is a real hot topic right now, especially with recent Google algorithm updates that are set up to recognize and rank more relevant and well-written content. That being the case, many dealers are struggling to know how to start creating content that will have a positive impact on their business.

Does this sound like the situation you're in?

Don't worry. Check out what Michael does to create content that not only attracts more qualified vehicle shoppers but converts them as well. Take out your notepad and get ready to take some notes.

Here we go.


1.) Identify your audience

It's crucial to know who you are speaking to specifically. A major mistake that the majority of dealerships make is that they try and speak to everyone and as a result, aren't really speaking to anyone. It's about being something of value to somebody, not worthless to everybody.

With that in mind, it's important that you break out from just trying to speak to people who are researching vehicles, and drill down a layer deeper. Who are they?

Seniors, Young Families, Construction Workers, Military, Special Finance, etc.

When you look at car shoppers in smaller segmented groups, it's easier to identify the next step...


2.) What are their interests, problems, or questions?

When you know who you're speaking to, it's so easy to know what they are interested in. Make notes about each target audience you have and the things that make them tick.


3.) Match their interests, needs, and problems with the right vehicle.

For example, if young families have an interest in more space, fuel economy, seating configurations, and safety - what vehicle are they likely interested in? A Minivan!!!

With that in mind, you can now start creating content about minivans for young families surrounding the topics that they are interested in. For example, imagine how powerful a blog post titled, "The top 5 reasons Young Families love the Honda Odyssey" would be. If you shared the interests and problems of a young family, wouldn't you be compelled to click and read?


4.) Know your objectives

Another problem that dealerships face is that they don't have clearly defined objectives, and therefore don't have a measuring stick to track progress (or the lack thereof).

With each piece of content you produce, you need to know what you want the consumer to do so that you can effectively measure your work. From your blog post, do you want them to click through to your AVehicle Detail Pages? If so, be sure to include a relevant and eye-catching call to action that instructs them to do so.