Fran Taylor: The Lost Art of Car Sales Prospecting

By: Michael Cirillo   |   23 Oct 2014
Fran Taylor

Fran Taylor "The King of Prospecting" is the founder of " Fran Taylor Techniques" an automotive sales training company that specializes in the lost art of sales prospecting techniques.

Fran got his start in the automotive sales industry in 1982 and within 2 years he was personally selling 50 cars a month using the traditional sales prospecting tools and tactics he discusses in today's session.


"Get serious about the car business, and the car business will get serious for you!"



Quick Preview Of This Session:

- The power of traditional sales prospecting techniques in today's digital world.

- The sales prospecting tools every car pro needs in their business.

- How to make prospecting work for you.

- How dealers and or upper management can help to get their team to take prospecting seriously.