Sean V. Bradley: How to Win The Game of Googleopoly

By: Michael Cirillo   |   22 Jan 2015
Sean V. Bradley

As an international speaker, consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy Inc., the leading Internet sales, business development, and digital marketing firm in the automotive sales industry. Sean has personally trained over 10,000 automotive sales professionals. In addition to being hired by approximately 1,000 multi-million dollar automotive dealerships, Sean’s clients include publicly traded corporations like Autobytel Inc. and TrueCar, as well as billion-dollar corporations like Internet Brands ( Sean’s clients outside the automotive sales industry include major label recording artists and professional athletes.


What is Googleopoloy? 

Google has a 67% market share of search and is the number one search engine world, and what is crazy is the number two search engine is YouTube which is owned by Google. So it is safe to say that when it comes to online search, Google has the Monopoly.

It is safe to say that everyone has heard of and or played the board game Monopoly and knows exactly what the object of that game is which is to lock things down! Control the board. Own it all.

That is the same idea behind “Googleopoly”.  It is about accomplishing that same kind of domination but on the search engine Google rather than the board game Monopoly.

If you are a front-line car sales professional, an internet director, or the dealer principal him or herself, if you are looking to build an audience and gain visibility you need a “Googleopoly” strategy.

Here is a quick rundown on how to execute a successful Googleopoly strategy that Sean V Bradley breaks down in this session.


1. A Website Properly Optimized

It should be a no-brainer that an automotive dealership has a fully optimized website in today's market but where a lot of so-called “automotive sales professionals” are missing the boat is by having their own personal website.

It is not just about having a website but more so about having an AWESOME website with the onsite SEO executed properly.

In today's market, you are not playing if you do not have a website and your home base for your “Googleopoly” strategy is your website. It doesn’t matter if you are a front-line car sales professional, you need a website just as much as an entire dealership in today's marketplace.


2. Video Seo

Online video creates superstars! There is nothing more powerful when it comes to getting noticed as online video and YouTube (which you know is owned by Google) is the number second most popular search engine in the world as well as one of the top 3 most visited websites in the world.

Video is 53% more likely to be clicked on in a search engine and not only that Google is looking for YouTube videos optimized properly so your chances of indexing and ranking on page one of Google are much higher when you use video.


3. Social Media Optimization 

Social Media is another very important piece to your “Googleopoly” strategy. We all know by now the importance of social proof and the roll it plays in selling more cars but are you maximizing its potential to help you dominate Google?

There are several social channels that if optimized properly can contribute tremendously to your “Googleopoly” strategy and Google page one domination.


4. Online Reputation Optimization

 Think about when you are booking a hotel out of town or ordering something you have never purchased before from Amazon, what is one of the first things you do? You got it, you read online reviews.

Online reviews have become such a major decision and influence factor in today's market place it is impossible to ignore them. Not only review a big part of the purchase/decision process they are also a major part of a “Googleopoly” strategy.

Learn how to leverage your dealership's reviews and testimonials to help you dominate page one of Google.


5. Mobile Optimization 

With 50% plus of all web traffic coming from mobile devices it is crucial that you make sure your website is optimized for mobile search.

Just because your “desktop version” of your website is ranking and indexing with Google, does not mean when someone searches the exact same keywords on Google from their mobile device that your site will rank the same.

Do you know the difference between a “mobile website”, a “mobile adaptive website” and also a “mobile-responsive website”? Do you know which one Google recommends?


6. Focus Sites/Micro Sites

If you are a Hyundai dealer in Maryland, a great example of a focus/microsite would be where you could post videos and other content about the Hyundai Sonata and how/where to buy one in Maryland. Make sense?

Here is another example. Let's say you are that same Hyundai dealer in Maryland. would be another example and on this site, you would post content that is focused on why you should buy the Hyundai Sonata instead of the Honda Accord.