Alan Ram: BDC Tips to Create More Business

By: Michael Cirillo   |   02 Apr 2015
Alan Ram

In Loving Memory, 1964 - July 17, 2017


In this latest session team DPB sits down with President/Founder of Alan Ram Proactive Training Solutions, and he dives into a topic he has been very vocal and passionate about “call monitoring in your dealership”.

In today’s automotive market there are several different categories of leads and opportunities to sell a car.

Hands down the hottest lead is by far the incoming phone call. A phone up. If someone is picking up the phone and dialing your number they are a serious buyer.

Now not only is a phone up the hottest lead, but it is also the most mishandled lead/opportunity.

Call monitoring is something in 2015 most every dealer has access to and there is more value in your call recordings than just training purposes.

Alan Ram dives into the real-time sales opportunities being missed by management not monitoring the calls daily.

Here is a quick preview of this session.

Accountability factor

Accountability empowers people to become better and greater at what they do. Alan dives into the importance of sales management being held accountable to listening to all inbound phone recordings daily, and throughout the day.

Alan says with everything you can be doing to sell more cars why would you not listen to inbound calls that happened that day maybe even within the last hour and maybe even call that customer back to try to quickly resolve missed opportunities.

Managers do not have the time

Alan dives into that dealerships really only get 5,10, maybe 20 phone ups a day. With that being said there is no excuse why management should not be monitoring all these calls daily.

There is nothing more productive to sell more cars a manager could be doing with their time than listening to fresh phone calls and then diving in to try to convert the opportunity.

Setting an appointment is not the goal of a phone up

How often does a caller set an appointment and doesn’t show up? Exactly!

The objective of a call should be to get the caller into the store and turn them into a buyer, not an appointment.

A caller will sometimes set an appointment just to get off the phone so if management is listening in daily they can get a feel from the call and know by the way the call flowed if they are really going to show up for the appointment. At that point, they can call that customer back and increase the possibility of this caller coming in and becoming a customer.

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