James Schramko: How to Rise to the Top of the Auto Industry

By: Michael Cirillo   |   09 Apr 2015
James Schramko

James Schramko lives in Sydney Australia and is one of the most successful and respected internet marketers and he currently runs a massively successful business at SuperFastBusiness.com.

Before launching his online empire, James was the highest-paid GM in all of Australia for Mercedes Benz and was a huge innovator in his market. In this session, James dives deep into the strategies he executed that took him to the top.

Key Points Auto Salespeople Should Be Focusing On

James has trained many salespeople who are now running dealerships and seeing great success. James breaks down in detail exactly where today's salesperson needs to focus their efforts to dominate their market.

Where Dealerships Are Really Missing The Boat

James goes into the crucial mistakes dealerships as well as salespeople are making which is costing them loads of sales and hurting their brand.

James Schramko’s 7 Point Checklist For Auto Dealer Marketing

From his years of success in the auto industry running dealerships, James reveals the exact 7 points of marketing that he executed which delivered him massive results.

That is just a taste of some of the value James Schramko delivers in this power-packed session of “The Dealer Playbook” that you cannot afford to miss.

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