5 Creative Ways To Use Live Video To Build Your Brand In Car Sales

By: Michael Cirillo   |   20 Aug 2015
Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesman


UPDATE: While this episode specifically mentions the once-popular online live video platform, Periscope, the principles mention can apply to any/all live streaming services.

Now in case you have been out of pocket for a hot minute, I will give you a quick description of Periscope…

It allows you to live stream video to your Twitter audience. Pretty dope right?

Now Periscope although fairly new, tons of people are leveraging it to grow their audience which in turn grows their business. Players like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk have been lighting it up on Periscope and you can too.


 5 Creative Ways To Use Live Videos To Grow Your Brand In Car Sales

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Turn your Periscope session into multiple types of content
  • Report on breaking news
  • Live Q & A with enthusiasts and possibly new customers
  • Live interview/review from customers, and other interview opportunities hanging around your dealership

UPDATE: These concepts have now become the norm!