Sue B. Zimmerman: How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Personal Brand

By: Michael Cirillo   |   27 Aug 2015
Sue B. Zimmerman


Sue B. is the #instagramexpert, founder of Insta-Results (the world's first comprehensive online Instagram course), and author of the #1 e-book Instagram Basics for your Business.

She's a popular CreativeLive instructor, powerful speaker on prominent stages like SMMW15, and highly sought-after business coach.

She's passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and marketing professionals how to easily leverage the power of Instagram to get tangible business results. As a serial entrepreneur, Sue B. has started over eighteen businesses, including her own boutique SueB Do, Boxer Rebellion and Sue B. 

Zimmerman Enterprise. With her extensive knowledge in social media and 30+ years of business experience, it's Sue B.'s mission to teach, mentor and empower others to be highly successful entrepreneurs.


 1.Your Business Strategy 

 Sue breaks down the importance of your dealerships or personal brands strategy and how you incorporate that into your Instagram strategy to sell you more cars. 

 2. The Importance Of Your Instagram Profiles Bio

 Sue reviews the importance of your profile bio and gives some amazing tips on how to create your bio so it is clear on what you do and for whom. This is an important piece to your Instagram strategy and Sue is nice enough to break down how to make a killer bio for your Instagram account. 

 3. Types Of Photos You Need To Post On Your Instagram

 You will be surprised that a lot of us are probably not posting the right kind of content to our Instagram accounts. Sue goes into detail on the kind of posts you need to be posting and how you never should be trying to sell via your photos/videos. 

 That is just a small taste of the awesome information about Instagram and how it will grow your automotive dealership or your business within a business selling cars.