Jon Loomer: How to Build a Community of Loyal Followers Using Facebook

By: Michael Cirillo   |   03 Sep 2015
Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a Facebook marketing coach, author, speaker, and strategist. He has used Facebook for business purposes for more than five years, the first time while with a major sports league in 2007.

 In 2011, Jon launched Jon Loomer Digital to show business owners how to apply advanced strategies to build their business, drive leads and increase revenue through the use of Facebook.

 In one year, Jon quickly established a Facebook Page with more than 7,500 active Facebook Fans. This Page, of course, is the only one that spoke in his overall strategy. The hub of Jon Loomer Digital is, a thorough resource of Facebook marketing tips, tutorials, and analysis of breaking news. regularly gets more than 100,000 visitors per month and is ranked within the top 25,000 globally by Alexa.

Jon Loomer is one of the top Facebook experts out there and he drops some insanely awesome value bombs that will help you build your brand, a loyal audience of followers which of course will sell you more cars. 

 How Brands Are Missing Out On Facebook

Jon goes into how brands have it all wrong on Facebook and massive opportunities brands are completely missing out on. In this session, Jon Loomer goes into what car dealers are doing wrong on Facebook and what they really should be doing. 

 The Power Of Marketing Helpful Content Not Marketing Sales Messages

Jon delivers some great content ideas as well as why marketing and promoting valuable content, not sales material will deliver better long-term results which will sell you more cars. He also goes into exactly how to do it and what the budget looks like to do so. 

Targeting & Retargeting On Facebook

Jon unleashes some of his favorite strategies and tips for targeting the right people on Facebook as well as his best of best info when it comes to retargeting marketing on Facebook. Killer information! 

That is just a small dose of some of the killer content and value Jon Loomer delivers in this session. 

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