Tim Schmoyer: How to Grow Your Dealership YouTube Audience

By: Michael Cirillo   |   15 Oct 2015
Tim Schmoyer

In this session, we are sitting down with a YouTube Certified professional specializing in audience growth and he is the founder of Video Creators, we are sitting down with Tim Schmoyer.

Tim is a monster when it comes to YouTube. His YouTube channel Video Creators TV has over 500,000 subscribers, over 50 million views and releases several new videos every week.

Tim has consulted with several major corporations with their YouTube strategy as well as small businesses across the country.

Every turn we make we are hearing people about how important video is in growing your business today. In this session, Tim dives into the strategies you execute with your videos once you have uploaded them to YouTube.

Check out what Tim talks more about in this session.

The Secrets To Building An Audience On YouTube

Tim breaks down his formula for what it takes to build a loyal audience for your brand using YouTube. Learn exactly what Tim does with his channel to keep it in front of his target audience.

The Types Of Videos Automotive Professionals Should Be Creating

Tim jumps into the types of videos anyone in the car industry should be creating as well as why they should be creating them. Learn what types of videos work best on YouTube and why.

What Gets A Video Ranked

Find out exactly what YouTube and Google look for in a video to decide if it should be ranked or not. Tim debunks some of the myths we have all heard when it comes to optimizing videos on YouTube.

Tim covers all that plus more in this session of DPB.