A Rant About Relationships in Business

By: Michael Cirillo   |   29 Oct 2015
Michael Cirillo

In episode 70 of DPB, Michael brings you powerful advice that will help you thrive in your automotive career. What starts as a valid question, turns into a bit of a rant, but ultimately, those that listen to this episode and take the advice will find lasting, sustainable success.

Michael kicks off the show by asking a question. Why are you in business?

During a recent speaking engagement, Michael asked this same question to the audience. They answered much the same way anybody else might.

"To make more money!" or "To sell more cars!"

While those are definitely good reasons, Michael suggests it goes a layer deeper.

BRT = Build Relationships of Trust

People do business with those that they both like and trust. If you don't work to have incredible, trusting relationships with your customers and community, how do you expect them to want to do business with you?

This is a challenge that many automotive sales professionals face. They struggle to build strong enough relationships with people, and that could be contributing to why sales aren't as plentiful as they could be.

That's not to suggest that the sales professional is entirely at fault.

This is where the rant begins...

Mass Media Perpetuates the Negative View of Dealers

While there certainly are some dealers who have earned the negativity, it's not right to peg all dealers as shady and as con artists. Yet there are still so many articles and publications that suggest to the general population that they should be worried about dealing with you because you're not interested in them.

While the media really grinds Michael's gears in that regard, he suggests that it can be used as leverage to paint a happier picture for dealers.

Look at Jack in The Box. In this episode, Michael didn't have all the stats in front of him when he mentioned that their food killed someone. It was worse than that!

171 people were hospitalized with E. Coli poisoning, four children left dead. It has been referred to as the "Pearl Harbor" of the food industry!

Jack in The Box took that negative situation and turned it into a growing reputation. That's because they understood that when there is a problem, they have the power to fix it.

While dealers haven't had to deal with a situation as horrible as that, the negativity that surrounds dealers is pretty bad. Luckily, you have the power to fix it. To turn things around and prove to your market why you're different.

Mission Statement and Core Values

Does your dealership have a mission statement and core values? If so, do you know what they are? Have you bought into them?

A set of strong core values and a thoughtful mission statement can be a great first step to differentiating your store from the competition. Especially if everyone on your team is aware and buys into them.

Money is the natural byproduct of being human!

If your definition of success is predicated upon money alone, you're in for a long haul! The money will come naturally as you seek to enrich and enhance the lives of those you serve.