Joe Calloway: The Art of Attracting Business Like a Magnet

By: Michael Cirillo   |   19 Nov 2015
Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway helps business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs make great companies even better. His interactive keynote presentations and workshops enable organizations to focus on what is truly important, inspire new thinking about challenges and opportunities, and motivate people to immediate action.

Joe is a business author, consultant, and speaker and his client list read like an international Who’s Who in business, ranging from companies like Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola to Cadillac and American Express.

Joe also works extensively with car dealers and shares his expertise in this session of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast.

The Secret Sauce to Growing Your Business

Joe reviews his step by step framework on how you can grow your business in car sales with an insanely powerful strategy that produces results

Sometimes the best way to grow your business in the automotive industry is much less complicated than we tend to think.

Joe goes into further detail on this in this episode.

Creating “Wins” for Customers as Well as Team Members/Employees

Learn the “Win Factor” and how it can grow your business and make you more sales. It is important that not only do the customers win but also you or your sales team are winning as well.

Joe breaks down the “art of winning” and how you can use this to sell more cars in your market.

Leveraging Word of Mouth and Maximizing It

What your customers are saying about you has the potential to be the ultimate marketing source that delivers you the highest quality opportunities.

Joe jumps in and delivers actionable strategies that will help you get your customers to say great things about you.