Mike Davenport: How to Get Over The Car Sales Slump

By: Michael Cirillo   |   26 Nov 2015
Mike Davenport

Mike is one of the top salespeople in the country and is doing an amazing job at building his personal brand and most importantly leveraging his personal brand.

Mike joined us back on episode 45 of DPB where he discussed what it takes to sell 30 cars each and every month. Check out that episode here.

In this session with Mike Davenport, he dives into his formula for “Getting Out of the Sales Slump”.

A sales slump is something that even the best of the best deal with and in this session Mike will give you tips on how you can dig out of your next sales slump.

Here is a quick preview of this conversation with Mike Davenport

Getting Out of Your Next Sales Slump

Even though Mike is a top producer even he falls victim to the vicious sales slump. Mike shares his go-to actions for getting back on track when his sales are slumping for the month.

Mike’s Favorite Prospecting Strategies

A great way to kick a sales slump is by making a sale. A great way to getting sales is by always creatively prospecting for new car buyers.

Mike shares his latest go-to prospecting tools and strategies he is using now that are working.

Mike D’s Hacks for Being More Productive

The more you can get done the more you will get done. Actions create action so if you are being as productive with your time as possible, you will stay in front of more customers.

Mike drops his favorite productivity hacks that will help you get more bang out of your day.

This is just a sample of what you will hear about in this new session of The Dealer Playbook.