Coach Micheal Burt: How To Become A Person Of Interest

By: Michael Cirillo   |   24 Dec 2015

Back at ya DPB Podcast session 76 rolling out on Christmas Eve 2015 and we have a insanely powerful show for you. 

In this episode we have the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing individual by the name of Coach Michael Burt.

The Super Coach Michael Burt is unique blend of a former championship coach who has an entrepreneurial mindset. Coach Burt has quickly become the go-to business coach for aggressive minded companies in competitive and saturated markets who want to look different, run faster, and be agile.

Coach is the author of ten books, including the best seller called “Person of Interest- How to become the person other people want a piece of and can’t live without” and the Wiley published “Zebras and Cheetahs- Look Different, Run Faster, Be Agile.”

Coach’s client list ranges from small entrepreneurial firms to multi-billion dollar companies such as Dell, Inc, John Hancock Insurance Services, Ohio National, Vanderbilt University, State Farm Insurance, First Bank, Caldwell Banker Real Estate Firm, Better Homes and Garden, and others.

Coach Burt brings his A game for session 76 of The Dealer Playbook.

Here is a quick preview of what Coach Burt goes into in this session:

How To Get Started

Coach Burt dives deep into getting started with a bang.

There are so many mindset and discipline shifts needed to reach massive success. In this session Coach Burt breaks it down from the beginning on what it’s going to take to make it happen.

Choosing Mentors

To many times individuals will choose financial opportunities over the mentoring opportunities available when accepting a position.

Coach Burt breaks down the importance of having strong mentors as well as how to prospect for the right mentor for you.

Having a strong relationship with a authentic mentor can be the difference between success and failure for many of us.

Coach Burt dives deeper into mentors, how and where to find them as well as how to get the most out of a mentorship.

The 4 Step Ingredients To Becoming A Person Of Interest

A person of interest does not have to chase opportunities he/she attracts them.

A person of interest is someone in a authoritative position that everyone wants a piece of.

Coach Burt breaks down his 4 step blueprint to becoming a person of interest in your market.

Coach Burt brings the heat in this session and the above is just a taste test of the value you are going to grab in this episode.

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