DPB 079: How to Empower Your Team with Frank J. Lopes

By: Michael Cirillo   |   15 Jan 2016

Team DPB is back with session 79!


If you have been tuning into any of the past DPB episodes you know we love to chat it up about marketing and other creative avenues to grow your dealership and brand but in this session we take another approach.


No matter how great your marketing is you still need to back that up with a great experience for the customer.


In this session we are talking about with the VP of Forrest & Blake Advertising out of New Jersey.


The ”Marketing Guy For Car Guys” Frank J Lopes is Vice President of Forrest & Blake Marketing/Advertising in New Jersey. 


Professionally he leads and guides the marketing efforts of some of the largest and fastest growing dealerships in the country. 


He is also prolific presence on Social Media spreading a message of Positivity and Growth to all his followers. He speaks out on controversial issues facing the automobile industry and is an evangelist for positive change and the customer experience.


Here is a quick preview of DPB’s conversation with Frank:


Beatdown Sales Meetings

The Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross massive beatdown sales meetings is not going to motivate salespeople to sell more or provide a memorable experience for customers. 


In this session Frank discusses how to bring a different approach to the table. 

Self Awareness

The key to kicking off the change in culture in your dealership is being “self aware”. Whether you are in management or the frontline in a dealership this is a crucial step. 


How Should A Salesperson Handle This Kind Of Environment

So many amazing salespeople are stuck in these kind of environments. Frank drops some insight and tips on how a salesperson can push through this kinda negative energy and still be super successful selling cars. 


There is a quick taste of team DPB’s chat with Mr. Frank Lopes.

Frank Lopes Facebook

Frank Lopes Twitter


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