DPB 084: How to Create Your Personal Culture w/ Craig Lockerd

By: Michael Cirillo   |   03 Mar 2016
Craig Lockered

The automotive industries most electrifying podcast is back for session 84 with some creative strategies for today’s automotive professional.

We have a return guest that we have to go back 82 episodes to his first appearance on DPB the founder and president of the auto industries largest recruiting organization AutoMax Recruiting & Training Mr. Craig Lockered.

Craig Lockerd is a 43 year automotive green pea .

Starting in the early 70's Craig has been able to see many interesting changes in our business , some good, some not so good.

Has held ALL the positions in a store, consulting in the late 80's and started AutoMax Recruiting the premier automotive recruitment company in the country over 17 years ago.

Constantly staying ahead of recruiting trends and technology AutoMax is in the midst of a huge growth spurt.

Craig joins team DPB again to discuss how you can take control and create your own culture as a sales professional in your dealership.

Here are the cliff notes of this episode:

It Is Not Always A Management Thing 

The finger seems to always get pointed at management when it comes to a dealerships culture.

Craig debunks this age old myth and drops some power bombs on how you can start to control your own culture at your dealership.

Checking Your Problems At The Door

Nothing hurts your car sales worse then a bad attitude and nothing hurts your attitude more then bringing your problems with you to work.

Craig reveals his top tips that will help you check your personal life problems and drama at the door so you can be successful selling cars.

It Only Takes One

One positive, hardworking and focused car sales professional can single handedly shift the entire dealerships culture.

Craig gives some real life examples of this and how you can be that sales professional that gets the ball rolling on changing your dealerships culture for the better.

Craig Lockerd is a great guest and this is just a quick preview of what you can expect to learn about in this episode.

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