DPB 087: How to Create Huge ROI by Unifying Your Marketing w/ Glenn Pasch, Troy Spring, and Tracy Myers

By: Michael Cirillo   |   12 May 2016
Glenn Pasch

Marketing is not about dumping more money into advertising so that you can get more clicks to your website. It's not about buying a full page ad in the local newspaper or airtime on the radio. 

Though there are dozens of outlets to broadcast your business, many dealers are struggling to generate real results. 

On episode 87 of DPB, Glenn Pasch, Troy Spring, and Tracy Myers talk about their new book, "The Power of Connected Marketing" by sharing strategies from the book that will help you unify your marketing and see great gains. 


The problem with most dealer marketing and advertising today is that it's siloed. Radio ads aren't connecting to website pages, newspaper or social media. Social media ads aren't connected to any specific campaign or purpose. In so doing, dealers are wasting more money on marketing then needed. It's not about what platform works better, either. Too often (especially in the digital age), dealers and vendors debate that radio and television are still effective while others place all their chips on digital. 


Troy Spring explains that even online businesses are using television and radio to draw attention. That's because they are working a complete strategy from start to finish. 

Tracy Myers shares that you have to be intentional with your marketing. It needs to align with a genuine business model for it to stick. 


Glenn Pasch teaches that you should perform an audit of all your vendors and the services they provide to get a pulse on what you're spending money on. On May 13th, 2016 The Power of Connected Marketing is available for sale on Amazon. But Glenn, Troy, and Tracy share another reason why they wanted to talk about the book on DPB. 

"We're up to $4 from each book sale being donated to the #PaulieStrong foundation." 

A good friend, and industry Vet, Paul Jimenez and his family started the #PaulieStrong foundation in honor of their son/brother Paulie who passed on earlier this year from rhabdomyosarcoma - a rare form of childhood cancer. All money donated to the foundation goes towards helping find a cure for pediatric cancer in memory of Paul Ulysses Jimenez. 

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