DPB 093: Ryan Stewman (aka Hardcore Closer) on How to Negotiate and Close a Car Deal

By: Michael Cirillo   |   30 Jun 2016
Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman (a.k.a Hardcore Closer) has never had a salaried job in his life. He has a real 'eat-what-you-hunt' mentality which fosters his consistent entrepreneurial approach to sales. 

In Episode 93 of The Dealer Playbook, Ryan walks through the best way to navigate negotiating and closing a car deal. Using real examples from his life as a car sales professional, he shares a unique way of viewing everyday challenges that every car pro faces. 

Understand the common phrases that car shoppers use 

From "just looking" to "what's the best price you can give me", understanding why car buyers use these phrases is essential to working through the sales process. 

"They've been taught to say those things from their parents, and their parents, and their parents and on and on..." It's all they know how to say when placed in that situation. 

The sooner you can get over the fact that most car shoppers will repeat the same phrases, the better off you'll be. 

Rather than complaining that all of them say the exact things or have the same objections, leverage those phrases to come up will killer solutions. Each customer provides you with one more opportunity to get your work tracks right. 

Learn the word tracks 

It's no secret that certain word combinations work better than others. Ryan Stewman shares some valuable word tracks that can break the ice and seal the deal. 

Ask questions 

When asked about the most valuable sales lesson he's learned was, Ryan responded, "Ask questions." 

This is a practice that comes preloaded in every sales training course there is. Sadly, very few adopt the practice into their routine. 

A significant element of asking is listening. If you ask questions, you have to be willing to genuinely take an interest in what the other person is saying. Once you do, it may surprise you how much information they volunteer that will help you advance the sale even further. 

Insist on the business 

If you've gone out of your way to answer questions, convey value and provide an enjoyable experience, don't be afraid to insist on the business. If the customer is asking about the lowest price you can offer, consider the vehicle sold. Ryan Stewman submits that when customers ask for a price, they've already agreed to buy the vehicle, they're just kicking off the negotiation. 

Play the game 

Not only is it vital to know the game you're playing, but you need to be willing to play it. 

It's crazy how many car pros complain about the negotiation process when working a car deal, but that's just part of the game. If you take the time needed to know how to navigate the game, your chances of winning increase exponentially. 

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