Minisode Monday #2: Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles | Which one should you use?

By: Michael Cirillo   |   18 Jul 2016
Michael Cirillo

Welcome to episode 2 of Minisode Monday.  

In this episode we're going to explore the difference between Facebook business pages and Facebook profiles. More importanatly, we're going to look at the pros and cons of each, to help you decide where to focus your brand building energy. 

Though there isn't a right or wrong here, this post will hopefully provide you information about what it will take to brand yourself using Facebook as a distribution method. 

Pros and Cons of a Facebook Business Page 


  • Build an audience of targeted, interested followers 
  • More brand building/engagement tools (e.g., notes, polls, etc.) 
  • Advertising options 
  • Audience insights  


  • Building an audience takes time (PATIENCE!) 
  • It's another channel to mange 
  • Needs to be consistent  

Pros and Cons of using Your Facebook Profile for Business 


  • You're already using it and have a built in friend-base 
  • Friends may be more supportive and willing to help you share  


  • Facebook doesn't really like personal pages being used for business purposes 
  • Not a targeted following (e.g., parents, friends who may not be interested in what you're talking about / possibility of unfollow/hide/spam etc.) 
  • No options to advertise/boost posts etc.   

Whatever you choose to do, be consistent. Have a strategy and see it through to the end! 

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