Heather Ballentine: What It Takes To Go All-In As An 'Automotive'preneur

By: Michael Cirillo   |   04 Apr 2019
Heather Ballentine

In addition to being a model, actress, musician, and mother; Heather Ballentine is a very successful Super Lux automotive sales professionals. Get a glimpse into how Heather manages her portfolio of over 700 repeat customers, and what it takes to be a top 1%’er.

What we discuss with Heather Ballentine:

  • You can plan as much as you want, but you also need to understand that things will not always work according to your plan. You must be agile and have the ability to go with the flow.
  • If your customer likes what you're selling, they're just going to buy it. Get out of their way and make it easier, not harder.
  • Opportunities rarely announce themselves. The biggest challenge among car sales professionals today is that they 'stand-by' waiting for opportunity to knock. Take the initiative to find opportunity.
  • Don't be afraid to get out into the community and "knock on doors."
  • Develop an entreprenuer mindset. Build your personal brand and have goals beyond what your dealership sets for you.
  • Car sales people need to build their own clientele. Don't just sit around waiting for people to come in. Get up and talk to people.
  • If you're going to have a career in sales, you must be hungry to sell.
  • Most people have big aspirations but are unwilling to do what it takes to achieve success.
  • When it comes to creating content, be yourself. Don't try and pretend or pose as something you're not.
  • Don't wonder what it's like. Don't leave any "what-ifs" on the table. If you have a crazy idea that excites you, try it! 

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