Robert Wiesman: Pandemic Predictions And What Car Dealers Can Do Now

By: Michael Cirillo   |   16 Apr 2020
Robert Wiesman

For all of the OG Dealer Playbook listeners, today's guest is a blast from the past. Former co-host, producer, and one of my best friends, Robert Wiesman (formerly "Your Hyundai Guy"), joins the show to talk about everything going on around COVID-19 and what dealers can do from a content marketing perspective to stay ahead of the curve. 

Since co-hosting The Dealer Playbook, Robert has gone on to help dozens of business owners develop and produce content strategies that get attention, and drive business opportunities. Most notably, his work with Ryan Stewman, AKA "The Hardcore Closer," has helped the brand fortify and grow a substantial audience. 

Retail vehicle dealers need to attract and keep the attention of their target audience. Content marketing for car dealers is still one of the most proven and effective ways to do just that. 

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