Powerbomb: How to Adapt To Today's Consumer w/ Robert Karbaum

By: Michael Cirillo   |   18 May 2020
Robert Karbaum


The retail automotive industry is filled with buzzwords and buzz-topics. Just a year ago (at time of recording this), the topic of disruption was the craze. Today, it's digital retailing. If you're listening to this at time of publish or some time in the future, it's almost certain that there will be many more buzz topics to digest. Having said that, the dealers who get scrappy and who get creative by leveraging existing resources in a new way will always stand out in front for consumers, as long as they are keenly interested in fulfilling the car shoppers desires. 

Robert Karbaum from Kijiji Autos Canada shares his vantage point about how some dealers are choosing to get creative, while building momentum in their business. 

Ask yourself: What resources do I already have in my possession that can be leveraged in a different way? Am I leveraging my website, Google My Business, and social platforms to demonstrate our post COVID-19 process? Am I shifting my message to align with what consumers care about today? 

Whatever you do, don't sit idle hoping that things will return to pre-COVID normal. Get creative and innovate with resources in your control. 

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