Molly Pittman: Focus On Your Dealership's Mission, Money Will Follow

By: Michael Cirillo   |   04 Jun 2020
Molly Pittman


When it comes to creating, optimizing, and managing Facebook ads, Molly Pittman is at the top of the game. In fact, many of the world's top ad buyers and strategists have likely learned from her. But today's episode of The Dealer Playbook is not what you'd expect. It's not about Facebook ads for car dealers at all. Rather, it's an enriching conversation that explores the importance of focusing on your mission. 

Each dealership on the planet is unique. No two are alike, not even if you're in the same dealer group. There is a real pulse (or lack of one) that runs deep in a dealership and that determines how scalable, and how impactful the business can be. Why do some dealerships make more money? Why are some able to whether uncertainty better than others? All of these topics and more are discussed in this conversation with Molly Pittman, the CEO of Smart Marketer. 

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