Powerbomb: The Obsession With Money Is Skewing Your Definition of Success w/ Molly Pittman

By: Michael Cirillo   |   08 Jun 2020
Molly Pittman

If the obsession is always monetary, the fulfillment will never come. Why? When you're optimizing for something that, if not managed properly, can be a big stress and distraction, you won't get the feeling of fulfillment which serves as a larger measuring stick for success. 

We hear it time and again from industry leaders. We learn from their experience that when they finally achieved the number they thought would change their life, that their life hadn't really changed the way they thought. 

Don't misunderstand, money is not evil, and, as a business, there needs to be a healthy focus on it. If it's all your obsessed about, then you might find it becomes a hindrance to your overall organizational progress.