Amy Balliet: How To Engage Any Audience Using Visual Communication

By: Michael Cirillo   |   10 Dec 2020
Amy Balliet

Human beings process visual information 60,000 times faster than the written word. Amy Balliet is an expert on visual communication and provides tips and insights about how dealerships can engage any audience and speed up the consumer purchase journey with high-quality visuals.

Now, I know what some are thinking: "So, what Cirillo, are we talking about memes and infographics?"

Yes, but also no. Not in a vacuum, at least.

Most car salespeople or dealerships might share a funny meme to FB, thinking they are engaging their audience. While that might provide some instant interaction, your visual strategy should include how those pieces fit into your overall approach to warm up an audience and encourage them to purchase from you.

It also means that you should be paying attention to the quality of your visual content and think about how you can use visuals to help your audience understand what you're presenting efficiently.

Amy's book, "Killer Visual Strategies," provides an exact look at how to incorporate visuals into your brand strategy and how to engage any audience with visual communication.

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