Alex Flores: How To Go From 216 To 762 Car Sales Per Month

By: Michael Cirillo   |   27 May 2021
Alex Flores

Alex Flores is the dealer principal and GM of Capitol Chevrolet, Seguin Chevrolet, and has led both stores to unprecedented growth. Prior to Alex Flores’s tenure, Capitol was selling 216 cars per month, but once he stepped in, that number rose to a whopping 762 cars per month.

What we discuss with Alex Flores:

  • Alex shares how he got started in the car business and how it has contributed to the experience he provides his employees now that he owns multiple rooftops. 
  • He has a proven process, which he installs in each new store that he owns. It is required to implement the process fully and to have full employee buy-in so that it works to its fullest potential.
  • Alex explains that it's not just about the number of vehicles you sell. It's about creating an environment in which your team can grow. 
  • Learn how to implement a healthy, fun, and an accountable workplace culture that keeps everyone winning, excited, and profitable.

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