Laurie Foster: How To Make Business Relationships More Profitable

By: Michael Cirillo   |   19 Aug 2021
Laurie Foster

Laurie Foster is the founder of Foster Strategies and works with car dealerships and vendors to help create more profitable business relationships.

What we discuss with Laurie Foster:

  • Over the years the automotive industry has accepted lackluster relationships as the norm, but there are many change agents within the industry who are moving beyond simple relationships to develop strong partnerships between dealerships and their allies.
  • Laurie and Michael discuss ways in which dealers and vendors can go beyond relationships into profitable partnerships.
  • Dealer/Vendor relationships must be viewed as bi-directional, and need to be treated as such. Laurie teaches that when two parties come together to achieve a specific outcome, that’s when a partnership is formed. That’s when respect is developed, and that’s when relationships become profitable for all.

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