Judi Fox: Build Your Network on LinkedIn Before You Need It

By: Michael Cirillo   |   02 Sep 2021
Judi Fox LinkedIn

Judi Fox has mastered the ability to grow and monetize brands on LinkedIn. She’s the founder of The LinkedIn Accelerator, a brand and video marketing strategist, and a public speaker.

What we discuss with Judi Fox:

  • How car sales professionals and car dealers can leverage LinkedIn to grow their brand and business opportunities!
  • LinkedIn is rewarding active participants in its platform right now with exponential reach and visibility. Superstars like Gary Vaynerchuk, who by his own admission, “Day Trade’s Attention,” has made a strong push on the platform; an indication that you should too.
  • Why it's important to grow and develop your network before you need it. Too many wait until they are desperate before building their network and that prevents them from making great first impressions.
  • Michael shares a recent example of how posting on LinkedIn connected him with an executive through a mutual connection

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