Ali Reda: How To Make Selling Cars More Natural

By: Michael Cirillo   |   16 Sep 2021
Ali Reda Top Car Salesman

Ali Reda is best known among his colleagues in the retail automotive industry as the highest-performing car sales professional in the world. To his customers, he’s Ali, the guy who has devoted his career to being a good person, neighbor, and community member.

What we discuss with Ali Reda:

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes interview, you’ll hear Ali share his best advice about how anyone in car sales can achieve similar success to his. This interview was taken from the FlexDealer monthly office hours call which is reserved for FlexDealer clients to learn and interact with industry subject-matter experts like Ali.

Many car sales professionals are stuck in a slump. They complain about tough times and wonder why they aren’t hitting the numbers that others achieve. Listen carefully to how Ali has navigated his car selling career and what you can start doing today to turn things around if you’re stuck.

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