Tom Kline: Mitigate Dealership Risk, Save Thousands

By: Michael Cirillo   |   29 Sep 2021
Tom Kline

Tom Kline is the founder of Better Vantage Point; a dealership dispute, compliance, and risk mitigation company. With over 30 years of experience, and a history co-owning his family dealership, Tom is on a mission to help dealers mitigate the risk which costs them millions per year.

What we discuss with Tom Kline:

  • The retail automotive industry is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars per year by not properly managing risk. From employees and poor culture to inadequate insurance policies and compliance.
  • How Tom recently saved a single-point dealership $29,000 per year in a matter of minutes.
  • Why car dealers need to pay attention to their advertising and media messaging to avoid PR nightmares and potential lawsuits from customers
  • Tom's history working with dealers and how he got involved in risk mitigation as an owner of his family-owned dealership.
  • Why dealers need to be careful as they evolve into an online retail/at-home-delivery sales model. There are compliance and legal issues to consider!

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