Mike Colleran: How Nissan Is Tackling Current Auto Industry Challenges

By: Michael Cirillo   |   07 Oct 2021
Mike Colleran Nissan

Mike Colleran is the corporate vice president at Nissan Motor Company, a role he was appointed to in June 2020. Previously, he was the chairman of INFINITI Motor Company and was responsible for managing the brand, business operations, and all marketing/sales for INFINITI globally. 

What we discuss with Mike Colleran:

  • Mike talks about the shifts that he's observed during his 30+ year career in the automotive industry. The most impactful shift being the transformation from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. 
  • Where manufacturers once employeed mechanical engineers, there is a shift to chemical engineers.
  • The transformation began to accelerate back in 2008, when companies moved from high over heads to more streamlined business operations.
  • Mike explains that the highest priority for retail dealers over the next 3, 5, and 7 years needs to be delivering a world-class customer experience. In a world where fixed costs add pressure, the challenge will be delivering that incredible experience while managing fixed costs.
  • Mike praises the Nissan Dealer Network for keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry and responding in tremendous and impactful ways. They've stepped up in their communities during the pandemic and are also responding to evolving market conditions with innovation and customer service.
  • How far ahead do automakers look to the future? Nissan has been preparing for electrification for years when it released the first iteration of the Nissan Leaf.
  • As a retired Marine Captian, Mike shares how the marine's motto of "Semper Fi" has impacted the way he leads, builds, and trusts his team.
  • How are automakers seeking to mitigate chip shortages from happening again in the future?
  • Are OEMs conspiring to get rid of the dealer network?

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