George Nenni: Mastering Google My Business For Car Dealers

By: Michael Cirillo   |   20 Oct 2021
George Nenni Generations Digital

George Nenni is the founder of Generations Digital and is a highly-sought after expert when it comes to helping dealers eliminate advertising waste and maximize their marketing dollars. In this episode, George reveals practical tips for dealers to fully utilize Google My Business listings to win more business.

What we discuss with George Nenni:

  • Why Google My Business is a critical element for car dealers. It's free to have a listing, and when properly optimized, dealers can get massive exposure and soak up search results placements on Google search engine.
  • Why 3rd party listing sites are still a good bet in today's vehicle marketplace. 
  • Dealers should have multiple GMB (Google My Business) listings for each department. From fixed ops to body shops, sales and finance, dealers can leverage multiple listings to gain deep links to the various services they offer.
  • Why dealers need to have a website even in 2021 and beyond. There is a lot of chatter about how dealer websites are going obselete with programs like Instgram shopping or Facebook shops and inventory listings, but your dealership website provides a critical marketing avenue to educate and build authority. 


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