Durran Cage: Your Dealership's Future Success Depends On It

By: Michael Cirillo   |   07 Jan 2022
Durran Cage

Durran Cage has spent over 19 years in the retail automotive industry serving in various capacities, including OEM District Sales Manager, High-Performance Internet Director and GSM, and Digital Retail Consultant. Today he's focused on helping dealers improve their online customer experience through his company Cage Automotive, which is deep ly rooted in dealers fostering healthy employee experiences first. 

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Durran shares that there were signs leading up to both the crash of 08/09, and if we look, there were signs leading up to the pandemic and its economic impact in 2019 - 2022. 

  • When times are good, dealerships (all businesses for that matter) get complacent and are ok losing a few dollars here and there, but when things get tight, we are caused to pay closer attention. 

  • Car Dealers are getting really creative during these uncommon times. They are becoming more intentional about where they spend their money and monitoring the results. 

  • The pandemic has highlighted the importance of anticipating and providing an intentional customer experience for car shoppers.

  • Durran explains that It's not just the consumer experience, but it's also the employee experience. Consumer's can feel an unhealthy employee atmosphere. 

  • It can be frustrating as a dealership employee if you're not fired up and ready to provide a high-level customer experience. Right now it's really important to make sure employees are having a good experience. 

  • For an industry that talks so much about "conversions," we tend not to focus very much on converting our people. If our people have not converted to the organization and its leaders, how can we ever expect that they would ever want to convert an internet lead into an appointment?

  • Moving into 2022 and beyond, it will be incredibly difficult to compete if your employees are not bought-in, fired up, and motivated to succeed. An income is not enough to keep people wanting to show up and give their best. 

  • As long as people are on this planet, they will always be the most important piece of the puzzle to achieving success. People matter!

  • Should Michael and Durran write a book?!? 

  • So how can you find great people? Durran shares the best way is through your existing people. Imagine how poweful it would be if your existing people are excited to refer others into the organization!

  • Having a thorough employee onboarding is critical to fostering a healthy employee environment; one in which the organization as a whole and the individuals whithin can thrive. 

  • The first 2-3 weeks of an employee onboarding is vital! If they enjoy it and are jacked up, they will want to talk about it with others and attract others to the business.

  • Listen to the full episode for even more insights!  

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