Marija Cvetkovska: Create an Integrated BDC and Car Sales Department

By: Michael Cirillo   |   03 Feb 2022
Marija Cvetkovska

Marija Cvetkovska is a seasoned dealer group BDC Director and paid campaign manager, and joined the show to share valuable wisdom about how retail car dealers can learn how to listen and hear their customer and respond to them with the information they are seeking regardless of their BDC, Internet Team Set Up.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • The importance of breaking out of your comfort zone and challenging the way things have always been done at the dealership level.

  • If you don't embrace what's happening in the future or try and go against it, you will lose. Marija encourages dealers to embrace change and constantly seek reinvention.

  • The dealers who have been around for 50+ years have been able to do so by slowly adapting to the "new normal."

  • In order to evolve, car dealers must look inward. It's about acknowledging where they are at today and discover small ways to improve each way.

  • Marija shares the best way to transform a sales and marketing team into a revenue team. That way BDC teams are integrated with car sales people and are able to offer a much better, frictionless experience for customers.

  • When BDC reps are able to see customer interactions first hand, the increase of empathy will empower them to make changes to their workflow and vice versa.

  • Listen to the full episode for even more valuable insights!


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