Chris Potgieter: How Car Dealers Can Be Proactive During Uncertain Times

By: Michael Cirillo   |   09 Feb 2022
Chris Potgieter from automotiveMastermind

Chris Potgieter is the Product Marketing Manager at automotiveMastermind and joins the show to express the importance of dealers being proactive in creating loyal customers. The pandemic has demonstrated our ability to react to unforeseen circumstances, but similar to automakers, it's time to be more proactive in anticipating customer needs and adapting the the evolving demands of the market.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • We're still stuck with shiny object syndrome in the industry, but that's not going to serve our best interests. The best tools in the world won't work unless we do.

  • It's important to understand the context in which we are forced to operate today.

  • Chris explains that it's important to be proactive in discussing the dealership business portfolio and discussing ways to bring customers back to the store.

  • The Bull to Stock market has evolved very quickly in the United States.

  • What we thought was a sleepy industry snapped into gear quickly.

  • The last two years during the COVID pandemic has pushed the industry forward by at least 5 years.

  • Dealers already have many of the tools needed to provide a frictionless process. It's all about how to utilize them.

  • Car dealers should consider how to continue selling more with less. Chris explains that the pandemic might have been the catalyst for smaller showrooms and less inventory across the board.

  • Does Chris look like Robert Pattinson? Watch the YT video on our channel to see for yourself!

  • Automakers have been pursuing EVs for more than 20 years. They aren't making snap decisions; they are approaching their work methodically.

  • While most of the retail industry reacted to the pandemic, it's traditionally the behavior of auto dealers — to react rather than be proactive. In contrast, the automakers have been proactive in their efforts and thinking into the future.

  • What will the future dealership look like?

  • Listen to the full episode for even more insights from Chris Potgieter!

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Thanks, Chris!

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