Panel: Change The Way You Think About Marketing Automation

By: Michael Cirillo   |   23 May 2022
marketing automation panel

Glenn Pach, CEO of leads a panel of marketing technologists to explore the world of marketing automation within the retail auto industry. 

It’s clear that the industry at large has a somewhat skewed perception of what marketing automation is, and what the capabilities actually are. 

With some healthy pokes at big-box providers who basically set-and-forget “automated” solutions, the panel stresses the importance of owning your own data so that you can ultimately control everything from marketing to customer interactions throughout their journey. 

For marketing automation to work, it must be adaptive. It can’t be something that’s built to do a single task. It must be able to learn and adjust to the unique needs of the consumer and help guide them through their purchase journey. 

This topic is one more example of what’s discussed at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference.