Ep. 00: Welcome To The Great Collaboration

By: Michael Cirillo   |   27 Jul 2022


Hosts Michael Cirillo, Kyle Mountsier, and Paul J Daly tell the story of how they came to create this podcast and why they believe it is critical for there to be more collaboration in the Retail Auto community between not only Dealers and Industry Partners but also OEM’s and Consumers. And there’s also a joke or two...or three or four...

The walls are closing in on Franchised Retail Auto Dealers as the industry is moving toward a new way of doing business at break-neck velocity. The convergence of economic and social volatility, new entrants like Tesla and Carvana, and the new rules of retail are putting Auto Dealers in a crucible that will either destroy them or refine them. Auto Collabs brings you deep into real-talk conversations with the brightest operators and innovators in the Retail Auto Industry. The latter believe the Dealer network is the greatest way to serve the transportation needs of communities across the country. Retail Auto Dealers and Industry Partners will only survive by committing to innovate together, so let’s get started. Welcome to Auto Collabs.