Bart Nollenberger: The Next Generation Of Automotive Leaders

By: Michael Cirillo   |   11 Aug 2022
Bart Nollenberger
  • Bart Nollenberger is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, automotive trainer, and author. In this episode, Bart shares his compelling story of recovery and sobriety and the four steps to help shape the next generation of automotive professionals. 


What we discuss in this episode:

Bart shares his recovery story. He went from selling cars and snorting coke in the bathroom to deciding to turn his life around. After 37 years of sobriety, Bart reflects on the lessons learned and breaks down the four steps that can help anyone experience accelerated growth in their life and career. 

Step 1: Admission. Be willing to admit that you need help — that you don't know everything, that there is more room to grow. The automotive industry can be ego-driven, but Bart suggests that is getting in the way of real potential. 

Step 2: Come to believe. Believe that there are forces bigger and more powerful than you. Maybe that's God, or Budhha, or the Universe. When we believe in something bigger than us, we can more effectively surrender to it and have it elevate us beyond measure.

Step 3: Make a decision. Are you ready to go from selling six cars to 12? Are you ready to own your mistakes and learn from them? Our potential is fully unlocked when we decide to take action.

Step 4: Take a personal inventory. Bart encourages a DISC assessment to understand more about who you are and how you operate. You can leverage the information to understand the pitfalls to avoid or where you may be able to align passion with action.
Change doesn't just happen. It requires real, authentic, vulnerable work. 

Listen to the full episode for insights and context from Bart Nollenberger! 

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