Darren Doane: Opportunity Knocks

By: Michael Cirillo   |   01 Sep 2022
Darren Doane

Darren Doane is an American filmmaker, actor, and music video director who has worked with artists like Christian Bale, Ken Daurio, and Blink 182. He also has a keen eye on the automotive industry and sees an endless supply of opportunities.


What we discuss in this episode:

Darren shares his perspective on the current customer experience at a dealership. His thoughts about the emergence of EVs are particularly interesting. In speaking about his daughter's perception, "Going to a gas station just seems stupid. She charges her phone and her laptop; it just makes sense that she should plug in her car."

There is a segment of automotive customers that we haven't yet figured out how to appeal to. Where dealers historically keep trying to follow the model they are familiar with, that provides an opening for someone to consider how to flip things on their head. 

Darren riffs on some opportunities he sees for car dealers about how they could lift the customer experience and drive people into the store. 

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